• Strengthen your public affairs presence
  • Enhance your "licence to operate"
  • Grow an understanding for your thoughts and statements in the public space
  • Follow the positions, knowledge and interactions of your stakeholders

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  • Use your voice pro-actively to influence legislation and other framework conditions - such as EU Directives.
  • Utilize coming legislation for a pro-active development of your product portfolio and organisation.
  • Avoid fines and hazzle - Make sure that you comply with existing and coming legislation.

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  • We are the strategic sparring partner for your management team, while at the same time we implement regulatory compliance and policies, which will proactively support your business - such as:
  • EU Personal Data Protection Directive.
  • CSR - EU Global Compact.
  • Standards, policies, processes.

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  • New opportunities in Trump's USA
  • Germany in an election year calls for a new approach
  • UK - the "hard BREXIT" - time for bilateral agreements
  • Gain access to those (sub-) markets, which seem hard to reach - or perhaps totally closed.

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EU Commission: Drastically reduced role for ”Waste-to-Energy” Technology

In a communication brief from the EU Parliament, the Council and various committees in late January 2017, the EU Commission stressed the diminishing role of the waste-to-energy technology within the circular economy.

While acknowledging that waste-to-energy until recently has been used as the better alternative to landfill, the Commission has the following clear message:

Danish Governmental Advisory Board for the Circular Economy.

Late 2016, the Danish Minister for Environment Mr.